Only One Man Is Responsible For The Middle East Turmoil

Why has no one blasted the Loser in Chief for not taking any responsibility whatsoever and placing an unimaginable amount of guilt on one single American exercising his free speech ?
Does anyone not find that as bad as it can get ?
The “worst” president ever can now add “most disgusting, most narcissistic, most dishonest sack of crap ever” to his title.
I and the rest of us are not foolish enough to believe politicians are our most outstanding citizens or public servants.
But ! At some point…when are we going to hit the streets en mass like those who’ve hated us always regardless of how much tolerance and money we throw at them ?
An administration willing to place the blame on our most cherished God given right is an act of treason that if allowed to flourish will result in the deaths of not a handful of Americans but America itself.
This movie has been out for months.
Multiple attacks and protests beginning on the 9/11 anniversary are no coincidence and anyone who asserts its only because of one ordinary citizen and not the fault of accumulated failed policies is, pardon my French, the biggest fucking idiot to roam the planet.
Whats truly more terrifying than the Middle East turmoil is that there’s more than one of these idiot cowards among us.