Until The Next One Gets Here, Robert J Ward Will Qualify As “The Dumbest Liberal Ever


Its a lot to read.

In the end, the last twenty or so comments, you can choose to believe, or not believe, I was intentionally vague about what contributions Right Pundits payed me for.
The point is, and should be obvious to anyone with half a skull.
I gave no clear reason for RPs payment to me, but the hateful conspiracy theorist filled in the blanks.

In the end, the truth, with links to prove it, was divulged, but the psycho insisted he’d told us all the truth.
Theres also a serious element of delusion that drives him to compartmentalize his three opponents, Patrick, Andy, and myself, into being one person acting as three.
This could be explained very easily since liberals have a hard time with individualism.

Unfuckingbelievable is about the best title for this thread and this Loony “Ward”.


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