Ruthless n Toothless

Ever since I got my permanent teeth they’ve been a shitty deal.
First I needed braces because they were all clustered to the front of my mouth. I started wearing braces at 12 which I was to wear till I was 18. My orthodontist was a thief who hustled my parents into believing I had to wear em til I was 20. At 20 he still had me doing office visits and adjustments. I got hip to his shit and pulled the damn things off by myself with a needle nose pliers.
There was decay and stains left in horizontal lines across the back of every tooth and completely around a few molars. This of course lead to a lot of cavities later. Some were treated in time, some werent and got pulled.
From the time I was 19 til about 35 I had a pretty good Jack Daniels and coke habit. Stimulants like coke n meth are murder on your teeth in a few ways. You cant retain calcium very well, you grind your teeth,and smoking it leaves horrible residues that corrode them. This contributed to more tooth loss.
Amazingly, at 40 I still had a decent smile, until I was working demolition and fell off a third story balcony flat on my face and chest breaking both arms, a leg, and fracturing quite a few teeth that later started falling apart as the cracks grew worse.
The last ten years I’ve lost on average 1 tooth a year until now I’m left with nine uppers and nine lowers and no molars at all. Which means I’ve been doing all my chewing with my front teeth.
Your front teeth ,incisors,canines,can only handle this job of your molars for so long without being worn down to nubs or razor sharp wedges that end up biting your cheeks and lips. I’ve been drawing blood at least once a week while eating.
So I finally said fuck it and decided on dentures. But right now because of limited coverage (1500 a year)and budget limitations I can only get the top ones done. This still involves getting all nine uppers yanked in the same sitting so I can get my fake teeth right there a then.
I refuse to go the other less expensive route and go toothless for three days while waiting.
Anyway, its all sinking in now and beginning to feel like I’ll be having a hand or foot amputated and replaced with a prosthetic.
At 12:30 pm Jan 2 say a prayer for me. Nine teeth being pulled at one time is fucking with my head


2 responses to “Ruthless n Toothless

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    You’re a fcking idiot.

    And heres proof.

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    Since its well established that you dont know the difference between value and price, or speculation and actuality, I doubt you’ll see the idiocy in that statement.

    One last time.
    Your 2.6% is not applicable to the rate of inflation at the retail level.
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    The economy is bad, you’re bad, Obama is bad, and theres nothing you’ve posted that proves otherwise

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