Lets Make A Movie

Watch out Hollywood.
Contrary to the garbage weve heard from this administrations claim: ” the U.S. government had nothing to do with this film”, Barry,Hillary, and our government will have everything to do with my film.
First responsibility they will have is to defend my right to free speech, no matter how stupid I get, thats their job.

Instead we see them both buying into this crap that American free speech should be held accountable for the deaths of four Americans. We have the right to say stupid things. That goes for Barry and Hillary as well.
My film will depict Middle Eastern events since the world wide apology speech out of Cairo 2009 up to the events of the last few days.
The film will show this administration ignoring Irans people begging us to rid them of Ahmadinejad and his puppeteers while they build nuclear weapons, giving away exit dates from Iran and Afghanistan, wanting to give American rights to those who despise those rights and have killed Americans practicing them and protecting them.

The film will show us giving billions of American dollars to countries who cry for democracy yet use that democracy only to elect more of the same hateful fanatics who use religion, or other faux venues to convey outrage based only on evil and bigotry.

The film will show this administration blowing up Irans leaders and their bomb factories, The Muslim Brotherhoods sand castle, Al Queda and Hamas ruled strongholds, and telling the rest of the world from downtown Jerusalem Israel to fuck off …

….but will be categorized as fiction.


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