Enough Already !

American soil has been attacked again. Americans have been murdered, again.

Its evident that liberals are interested only in beating up Republicans instead of acknowledging this administrations abject failure in dealing what have always been monsters or at best, fair weather friends.
Upon the uprising the White house knew of the impending danger and did nothing but tweet; “the mob is on its way” and issue an apology for free American speech.
The liberals on this thread are interested only in defending the loser they elected and the flawed rationale behind the votes that put him in office.
Shame on you.
You people need it spelled out for you.
Regardless of who sits in the Oval office, regardless of tolerance, financial aid, spilled American blood for their freedom, these lunatics hate us no matter what we do. Its always been that way. And unless we get their attention it will stay that way.
At this point nuking Mecca seems quite reasonable.


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