Elephant In Oval office Takes Huge Dump, Still Ignored

Conservatives and the majority of Israelis have all known for a while now that Barry has little concern for Israel.

So far the Anti Semite has coddled the enemies of our best allies in the world by allowing The Muslim Brotherhood which was banned from Egyptian soil to sit up front and center in his world-wide apology speech from Cairo.

He’s also asked Israelis to return to 1967 borders as a begging for negotiations with bigoted Arabs who want nothing at all but to kill every last Jew on earth after giving them 900 million dollars and allowing shipments to Gaza of God knows what to force its way through Israeli checkpoints resulting in the deaths of Israeli soldiers. And who can forget that he wouldn’t recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in his platform if it were not for FOXs Bret Baer exposing this omitted reality. Not allowing the mention of God in his platform was also a glaring example of his childhood and now subliminal love for Islam.

With all of the above it should come as no surprise to any dimwit that he has no interest in working with Israel to stop Iran’s nuke construction or at least establish Americas own red line as a warning to a bunch of genocidal maniacs who’ve tested missiles that can obviously only serve to deliver nuclear warheads.

Benjamin Netanyahu the genius.

He knows its election day in two months and that Barry prays to the God that damns America he’d go away til then.
While doing what good leaders do Netanyahu has also managed make Americans more aware of the Idiot in Chiefs clueless and bigoted foreign policies while he treats Arab uprisings and those murdering Americans across the middle east in our embassies like Wall Street Occupiers, giving Romney an excellent weapon to add to his cache.

No politician wants to start or be a part of any war right before an election. Barry is damned if he does by liberal extremists but damned even more so if the majority of a right of center America sees him ignoring the best opportunity ever to deal with the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world.

Simply said;

Thank you Benjamin Netanyahu for putting our moron president on the spot two months before judgement day.


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