I’m Still Waiting

A few weeks back on a couple blogs I asked why either candidate has not taken advantage of what I would consider to be an elementary and very necessary  part of the overall debate.

In this election, regardless of ideology, the most crucial issue is our economy. Only the extremists are bringing up social issues in order to distract attention from the real problem. Although I have to admit, I believe most of them cant see past their idiocy to be that diabolical and they truly think everyone cares about birth control pills or sexist racist issues.

When Reagans famous question was propped up (are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?) by every news anchor on the planet both candidates missed the opportunity to drive home how every average American is going through and feels as a result of economic collateral damage thats driven a significant many of us to take measures we never thought we’d have to take.

So far I’ve only seen one ad reflecting those measures with a few housewives talking about giving up cable, cell phones, and coming up with creative ways to avoid telling their kids that they’re broke.

Andy Z. over at Right Pundits http://www.rightpundits.com/?p=10466 did an excellent piece on how Romney should be more wonkish. But being wonkish will not complete the job at hand unless we tie those wonk numbers to real people and faces struggling at the market, the gas station, the pharmacy, in their kitchens, at the food banks, resorting to less healthy diets, the overflowing treatment centers, the rise in depression, domestic violence, taking cold showers,hanging clothes/not using dryer, kids losing allowance.

Both candidates need to use these examples of Americans streamlining and sacrificing as an exact example of what his 2012-16 administration will look like. It might be suicide for Obama to do this, but it would at least make both look human, and in touch for once.


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