Sandra Fluke… Lug Wrench’s And Smug Wench’s

Anyone who pays 3 large a year for birth control is not too bright, or spends a lot of time on her back.
You gotta wonder
My only conclusion is that for Sandra, free condoms must be a pain in the ass.

Whats a prescription cost ?
Thats one of the two real questions, and points.

The first question is about her feigned idiocy ? God help her.

I’m not paying for your doctor, insurance, and pills baby.
If you’re ill and dying I’ll be the first one there, you do the wild thing on your own account.
But I have to say Sandra.
Your smugness while being proud of ending life is pretty fucking disgusting. Literally.
Rush Limbaugh doesnt even begin to touch on just how much of a vomit inducing woman you are.
To be clear, I have no problem with “EARLY” contraception.
What I do have a problem with is your level of arrogance, the smirk, and you bathing in the adoration of those just like you.
People like you are the best form of contraception. After a case of beer, I’d still be the last man on earth to lay a hand on you.

I’ll let everyone figure out for themselves where the wrench comes in.


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