Wheres Carter When The Right Needs Him ?

  1. Theres little doubt among most anyone over 50 that Carters so called ”Presidency” set in motion policies that still haunt us and are responsible for the birth of more far left crap initiatives than anyone could of imagined.

    Today however, this Palestinian who was masquerading as the President of The United States would actually be of use in times when we need to be reminded of how misguided catering’s to those who believe Government is a higher power, is a failed ideology, called ‘Liberalism’ and it’s offshoot b!tch “Environmentalism”.

    Jimmy, please, say something, anything in hopes that those too young to remember will google you and see a shining example of how an administration repeating the same mistakes, represents the epitome of insanity catering to insane demographics that til this very day hold our country hostage to concocted fears. Fears designed to herd us into a collective whos new world order comes from a single ideology that thinks cutting Redwoods down to size will give sprouts and shrubs a feeling of worth and accomplishment.
    Please Mr.Carter, the mastermind behind the CRA, which destroyed our economy some 40 years later, you would serve us well if you also orated how your endeavors with failed Middle Eastern policies brought us 911.

    Please explain your masterminding illegally legislated corn subsidies based on a lie claiming fossil fuels would be non existent in 15 years and how strong-arming banks with regulations produced national success that today is glowing like Chernobyl.

    Was Obama in America during these times ?

    Yes, but it wouldn’t seem so. He was probably stoned and missed the whole four years.

    Then again, those four years very well could of been an inspiration.”

The problem with this  repeated insanity (redundant) is that without the shade of those Redwoods the sun will dry the soil and deter the wildlife that contributes the nutrients needed for growth of these weeds and shrubs, and new Redwoods..

Peanuts do well in the sun Mr. Carter.

But make for a lousy economy.

Please, where are you ?

For the first time ever the country needs your voice as the last nail in this administrations coffin.  I pray you’ll  do the right thing at the upcoming Democratic National Convention and open your clueless yap


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